Peace my soul, oh Peace
Why do you wander away?
Where does your treasure lie?
In the multitude of these troubles?

Come back to me my treasure
Find rest for your soul
I wait for you my lover
Come to drink of me
Come and I will give you rest
I am gentle and lowly
In my eyes you’ll find love
I am enough and my arms wide open
Elope with me my lover
Come away, let us dance in the garden
Let me love you
Let me show you what love is
For I see your hunger
I see your fighting
I see your suffering
I see your thirst
Come away with me
Let me show you life
Let me take you away, to a place your soul knows rest
Stray away with me
Let’s talk a walk
A lovers’ walk
With your head on my shoulders, I am enough for you
Let us talk, let’s gist

Open the door
Your lover is here
His eyes burning like flame with love
His hair like wool
His smile, so contagious
His hug oh so relieving
Go to your lover
Sing songs with him
Dance in his footsteps
He awaits you dear one
Go away with him……..


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