We all know this: doctors wear gloves, engineers wear helmets, and chefs/cooks wear aprons. Peradventure I entered your kitchen, what are the chances of meeting you in an Apron?

Recently, I did a survey on apron use and got some interesting responses. Later in this article, I’ll share with you the responses from the survey that was carried out, but for now, let’s talk more about Aprons.

Did you know that the word ‘Apron’ comes from a French name “naperon” meaning a small tablecloth? In the past, people wore it significantly to show status or rank. Back when housework was a major job, Aprons were worn as protective garments for the house chores. As the idea of housework gradually became old fashioned, people refrained from using aprons in houses and soon it was outdated.

Ever heard the saying, ‘nothing really goes out of fashion but just revolves?’ This is true for the use of aprons: It has become more fashionable than it ever was. Now, there are sophisticated types of aprons, and people who use it are viewed as classy. It has even gone beyond house use such that gardeners, traders, and students are not left out. In high schools, students are being taught how to make Aprons for their projects. It is also taught in other places like the tailoring schools.

Interestingly, in Africa, chefs have begun to embrace our culture by making aprons out of African prints, and that is amazing. I am proud to be a black woman and I love the distinctiveness and diversity my culture brings to the world.  

There are several reasons I would advise that you use an Apron in the kitchen. However, in my survey of 72 people, more than half (69%) do not use an Apron in the kitchen and the major reason for that is because they do not have. This reason made me think of we all need an Apron giveaway!

Below are some responses:

For those that do not use one, these are the reasons

If you are given an Apron as a gift, would you use it?

At what cost would you be willing to spend on an apron?

Why should you use an apron?


In my opinion, this is the most important reason. It cannot be overemphasized. Whether you use it in the kitchen to cook, around the house to work, for gardening or even trading in the marketplace, it serves that distinct purpose.


Whenever I wear mine, it gives me the courage of a chef and the feeling that I can do anything even though I don’t have professional experience. I have more confidence when I wear it because my mind is optimistic, and therefore my actions will follow suit.


I wear jeans a lot and unfortunately have formed the habit of cleaning my wet washed hands with my trousers; partly because of the thickness of the material. Whenever I wear an apron, I don’t have to do that. I can wipe my hands off the apron knowing that’s one of its duties for me. Depending on the type, it can easily be washed.

The use of aprons cannot be overemphasized. Whether it be in the kitchen, doing a general house chore or at your job, ultimately, it helps shift your mentality from that of an amateur to a pro and keeps you clean. What more should be pursued than that as a house worker?

A big thanks to all who filled our questionnaire!


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