Yesterday, March 14 was international Pi day. As a food lover and a girl mathematician, how could I have almost missed the pi day? I was scrolling through my Instagram feed today and I realized people had posted pictures of pies yesterday and I cannot believe I almost missed this (or technically did). While many of us may not know about it, it is actually a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi which is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. Remember in school, one of the things we used  it in was the calculating the area of a circle. We know the constant as 22/7 or approximately 3.142857143.

Pi= Circumference/Diameter

      Some fun things to know about Pi

·        Pi is the sixteenth Greek letter symbol which is used to represent the constant.

·        Pi day occurs because the date is written as 3/14 which is the 14th day of the 3rd month in the year.

·        Pi day was initiated by physicist Larry Shaw and he is known as the “Prince of Pi.” 

·        The number of digits of pi is infinite but mathematicians and scientists have approximated it to 3.14.

·        Pi day (March 14) also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday.

·        Pi has real-life applications such as it is used in measuring things like ocean waves, sound waves, calculating the skin of an aircraft, calculating the area of any round object, etc.

·        Pi day is usually fun celebrated with pies. Though it is not the holiday for pies, people have used it as an opportunity to celebrate it with pies. A lot of stores over the world also give out discounted prices and deals to celebrate pi day.

While it is important for us to celebrate this math hero that we had to learn compulsorily, it is of huge importance to  talk about pies as well. The most popular and approved pie eaten in Nigeria is meat pie often made with dough and meat filling and baked in the oven. We also have chicken pie which is filled with chicken instead of beef. Another not so well known pie eaten is fish pie. Unlike meat and chicken pies, fish pie is usually fried in deep hot oil and usually delish.


Which other pie is frequently eaten in Nigeria that you know of? And…..

Can we have more pie constants, please?

Happy Pi(π) day friends!





Circle photo credit: Google

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