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I have had this recipe and been wanting to share. I am so glad and interested in sharing this with you because the mere thought of this food brings me joy and happiness 😉
Àkàrà which has its English name as “Bean cake” is a popular Nigerian meal. A lot of people eat it mostly Saturday mornings as there’s plenty of time to make the sumptuous meal. Traditionally, it is also served at burials to entertain guests. Made out of beans, it is proteinous. For my own perfect akara balls, I add more than the regular ingredients and trust me, it tastes yummy.

1.Beans (3cups of white or red Beans)
2.1 egg
3. 4-5 pieces of Pepper (Ata rodo)
4.1 Average sized Onion
5. Salt to taste
6.Roasted Shrimp (the bigger version or bigger look alike of crayfish)
7.Vegetable oil for frying

Electric Blender
Hand mixer
Frying pan

1.Soak the beans in water for about 10 minutes.

2.Wash the shaft off the beans (I hope to write on adequate and easy form of beans washing)

3.Let the beans soak again for some minutes so it gets soft enough to blend.

4.Put the Beans ,Onion in the blender, add a little water and blend until smooth.

5.Pour in a bowl and break the egg in it  then beat with hand mixer until light and fluffy (just about 5mins). Add the shrimp, sliced pepper, onions, salt to taste. and mix with a spoon.

6.Heat vegetable oil for frying. Add onions to the oil for flavour.

7.With a small spoon, gently scoop into hot oil with a spoon making sure at least one shrimp is in every scoop.

8.Fry until golden brown.


Best served with Pap or custard.

What new method of making akara have you tried? I would love to know.

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