There are many things to be thankful for; amongst many good things such as life, health, and other things money cannot buy. Every time, we seem to forget that God has blessed us with a planet and nature that yields fruits copiously. What is there not to be grateful for? The fresh and clean fruits we have, the flavour, and the diversity they add to the culinary world. There is always an exciting feeling that comes with consuming fresh fruits especially when you know you’re eating healthy.

Having fruits in our daily meal schedule is a necessity. Apart from combating diseases, it helps to balance daily diets which is one reason why we chose to eat a different type of fruit every month. For March, Pineapple won the dicey game of thrones, and we have crowned it King for the month! 
The pineapple fruit is known to have a greenish-yellow colour. Recently, it has been found to have a red colour specie. Just kidding, ha-ha. How could such fruit be in a red form? 
Anyways, did you know that Pineapple is one of the healthiest fruits?  It contains over 120% of vitamin C, 0.2g of fat and no cholesterol. Asides this, it used as a flavour in drinks, ice cream, baking, and cooking. Though this tropical fruit is grown in Nigeria and other countries in the tropics, Costa Rica and Brazil, are the two top producers of Pineapple in the world. 

Ways to eat pineapple this month
  • Eat as a fruit.
  • Make a fruit salad– pineapple, apple, strawberry, pawpaw, and more.
  • Do a smoothie– try out pineapple, banana, cucumber + yoghurt.
  • Using pineapple as a base, make a Zobo drink
  • Strain the pineapple to get a cup of juice from it. You can add ginger to give it a nice flavour
I wish you a Pineapple-filled month!

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