It’s a new month and I know that you are just like me; very grateful to be alive. Though the year is moving quite fast, it is not too late to pick up a new, good eating habit. Remember, you eat to live!
We know valentine is approaching and with the sound of that, comes the thoughts of chocolates and cakes. Now, it doesn’t have to be that way, you can build this new healthier habit by eating more natural sweet food. Because we delight in you and in your well-being, we decided to have a fruit theme for each month this 2020!
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For the month of January, we had watermelon. Here we are in February and after due consultations, we have decided that our fruit of the month would be …..**drum rolls**….. BANANA!!!
If you have a sweet tooth like me, you might love bananas more than any other fruit. Apart from the natural sweetness,  another reason I love it is that it is filling. If you are hungry and have a bunch of bananas, you would agree that eating it with groundnut is not just awesome but like making a hungry man literally come alive again! Asides these, there is a popular saying that one banana a day keeps the doctor away. The fruit helps not just to lessen the risk of high blood pressure but also helps in weight loss. So, if you are looking to reduce your weight, eat more bananas!
Bananas are really underrated, and I would urge you to take out time to celebrate this fruit by eating it this month, and every month.
 Ways to include banana into your daily meal schedule:
  •         Eat banana alone…good any day!
  •         Banana and groundnut, Banana and Peanut butter
  •         Make banana “nice-cream” (Blend frozen bananas and a little bit of honey)
  •         Eat a banana with any type of rice…I love this!
  •       Make a smoothie…Smoothies made with bananas are out of this world!                           (Tip: Try Banana with yoghurt, strawberries, coconut flakes …this is heaven!)
  •         Fruit salad with banana
  •         Make banana pancake
  •         Add banana to your cereals or oatmeal.

 I wish you a banana- filled month!

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