I’m a big fan of good food products. You must have noticed if you have been a regular visitor on this blog. The reason is simple, the chance of your food tasting great is about 30% higher when you have the right ingredients of high quality. I remember how I struggled with making the perfect cake when I started baking. Back then, there was this cookbook I used but my cake was always not perfect. It was not until I went to a cake school, I learned why my cakes were usually salty; the butter I was using was a very salty one! After then, I made a conscious effort to begin to get food products that were awesome and to share them as much as I could with people who cared to listen. Recently, while doing my monthly shopping, I stumbled on this cereal product. While I would agree I was lured by the package, I am thankful I was not disappointed by the product. Cereals are one of my quickest and favourite things to eat. Every student would agree totally. Sometimes when I buy my monthly provisions, I have people who ask me whether I am a student. It is a common assumption that every Nigerian student consumes very quick meals such as Cornflakes, Golden morn, etc. Back then in school, a lot of us did not know that these were cereals. We only knew we were eating what would “hold our tummies” tilll breakfast/lunch was served.

Let me introduce cereals to you a little; cereals also called grains are any group of grasses that produce seeds that are edible. Some popular cereals are wheat, rice, maize, oats, barley, etc. The grain (seeds) of cereals can also be processed into other food products. For instance, corn can be processed into cornflakes, popcorn, cornflour, etc. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how our cereals come about! Healthy cereals, of course, are made of 100% whole grain such as whole oats, wheat and probably a combination of protein and fibre with no or very little amount of added sugar. While most cereals are high in carbohydrates, a lot of them are usually low in protein and I would recommend you look out for healthier options whenever shopping.

Now, back to the product we are reviewing.

The cost of Nestle Fitness chocolate cereal was fair enough knowing it’s an imported product. The pricing felt mind-boggling at first, so I had to check to make sure it was not expired. Thankfully, it was not; but close enough, and that perhaps explained the price. I added it to my cart and hoped that when I got home to try it out, I would love it.

Full name: Nestle Fitness energia nutritiva chocolate

Content Size: 375g

Cereal type: Whole grains with whole oats

Manufacturer: Nestle

Taste: I love the taste! The chocolate bits in the cereal made me enjoy it the more. The taste of the oats in the cereal was also evident. Tastes great with milk or yoghurt but I enjoyed eating it alone. Can also be used for a parfait. No need to add sugar.

Texture: Not as crunchy as I would have loved it. Nasco cornflakes schooled me well.

Healthy enough? Whole grains, No artificial sweetener and taste.

Overall Thoughts: It really is a nice cereal. I particularly looked forward to the chocolate bits at every spoon. The quantity could be increased but it is an affordable product considering it is imported.

Cost: N500


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