The year would soon be over and I almost cannot believe it! Wow! A lot has happened in the year –Good, Joyful, bad, disappointing, but we’re getting stronger daily because it’s all working out! It might be in slow progressions, but you know that the most important is that you’re moving, right?

Remember how I told you of my desire to do a product review? It’s here, people!!! At the beginning of the year, after taking this picture that was liked by Beloxxi Company on twitter, I finally have my first product review right here on the blog.

Who’s dancing with me?

Mo‘s Crispy Chips was started by a friend whose skills and ideas are impeccable! The company started out early this year and kudos to her for coming this far in such a short period of time and under a busy daily schedule.

Mo’s Crispy Chips has four flavour variants. Ripe, Unripe, Suya spice, and Ginger flavours.

Ripe Flavour

Crispy, crunchy, and savoury, this is for the sweet-toothed. This flavour is one I like because of the sweetness.

Unripe Flavour

Mo’s Crispy Chips is a definition of good plantain chips, and this unripe is crunchy as well as fit for the health-conscious people. Salty and tasty, you should try this out.

Ginger Flavour

This is a ginger-infused flavoured chips. One reason I love it is, I love ginger and also love eating it raw. And getting to eat it in plantain chips for me is a killer. If you’re looking for something slightly peppery and sweet, you would love this.

Suya Spice Flavour

I love this flavour! A lot of people get thrilled about suya (meat), and the main reason suya is what it is because of the spice. Now imagine it infused with chips. This is peppery, salty, and spiced as I’d love it to be, and it is definitely a try for anyone who doesn’t love plantain chips. You’ll fall in love with this instantly!

If you’re in Kaduna and environs, they will be at Kaduna Buy and sell on Sunday, and you should be there to see us!

Venue: Chimchery hotels, Barnawa, Kaduna

Date: 3rd November 2019

Time: 11am-8pm

Need more information about Mo’s chips? You can visit their Instagram account here

To order, please call 07035499981. Delivery can be done anywhere in Nigeria.





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