Everyone loves fried chicken. Don’t ever make it. Ever. Buy it from a place that makes good fried chicken- Nora Ephron

Good chicken is hard to find.

I grew up eating a lot of homemade chicken. We had a poultry where we reared chickens and of course, this meant eating more chicken than any other kind of protein. My siblings and I got too tired of eating it sometimes and we would have few packs in the freezer forgotten and left for a long time.

Living alone, I’ve found myself looking for more creative ways to eat and enjoy chicken. When I go out to eat, my go-to order is never chicken except for instances where I have familiarized and have come to love what they offer. However, there have been some exceptional places for me to eat chicken and because I love you greatly, I always like to share good news with you. Including food good news and good food news. Well, whatever. I just always want to dish out good news!

Kentucky Fried Chicken – Now, I really do love crispy chicken; the crisp and spiciness at KFC are what particularly makes me love their chicken. Another plausible reason is that it is not the ‘usual’ type we eat at home every day. Whenever I need some pampering, I definitely would consider having KFC chicken (paired with some potato fries!). You should shake off some of that everyday stress by relaxing and going to eat some good chicken. Some problems just need you to prove to them that you can eat good food even when in the midst of them. Ha-ha! So, eat some chicken, my friends!

Chicken Republic – Popular in almost every state in Nigeria, they have some good chicken. Whether you opt for the grilled or the fried chicken, they are always so good to eat. It’s a little cheaper as well. If you’re in an area where you don’t know where to find them, you can search for the closest store to you here.

Southern Fried Chicken – Their chicken is also crispy and spicy with some ketchup and chips. Though I have gone there on just two visits, I definitely enjoy and look forward to going back there to have more.

My homemade chicken – Well, unfortunately, I disagree with Nora on this. I make my own chicken. This is always on my list. It is more budget-friendly and of course, can be eaten more than once per cooking. Cooked chicken spiced and marinated with good flavours such as garlic, ginger (and other deep infused flavours) is usually awesome. It can be deep-fried or grilled depending on which I prefer at the time of cooking.

For my chicken, sometimes, I like to cook with scotch bonnet pepper because it gives my chicken a peppery flavour and I love it! When the ingredients are blended so that all the flavours are infused in the chicken, it makes it taste better. I don’t really enjoy boiled chicken with food so I always choose to deep fry. Grilling in the oven is another healthier option while avoiding fat and still wanting to enjoy your homemade chicken.

Where is your favourite chicken spot?

Would you like me to share my homemade chicken recipe with you?

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