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So, here’s the final review of the book I’ve been reading. During this period, I have been sharing excerpts of what I have learnt from the book here, here and here. I was also privileged to do a compiled review of the book on my cousin’s blog. Please visit and read the review here .

I am open to people/blogs who want me to do a book review of their books or other books, especially during this Christmas break. So if you know any, please recommend me.

Few excerpts from the last part of the book are below.

• Don’t manufacture worry and pain. If the Lord says don’t create, fabricate, process or manufacture pain, displeasure, grief and worry, He’s letting you know that unless you reproduce or process them in your mind, they have no influence or power over you.
• Don’t set your mind on failure, don’t give vent to any negative thing, don’t let satan’s character show itself through you.
• Respond spiritually not emotionally. We have to learn to respond from our spirits. God wants His word in our spirits and to control our minds as well. Read the scripture slowly to yourself and meditate on it. It is designed to produce results in your life.
• Let only the best in you come forth. If you ever surprise yourself by expressing a negative emotion or attitude, repent and correct yourself quickly. Say “Father, I didn’t know I could get impatient like this. From today, I reject impatience in Jesus’ Name”. If you find yourself responding in hatred, anger or bitterness instead of love, say “Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I reject this. It will not have power over me”.

With these few points, I hope I have been able to challenge you to a good cause. In case you want to get the book, you can get it here.

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