Dear folks.

How was your weekend? Mine was full of house cleaning and laundry doing. Sometimes, I wish there was a robot that could do all my chores while I lay on the bed all day especially as the harmattan is here. When the craving to sleep all day is strong and present.

Since there are no robots to do my chores for me yet, I will do my work with all happiness and patience till the robots are created. This makes me think: what if the innovator or groundbreaker of this is somewhere dejected and confused about life? Or has no access to education or maybe about to be aborted? This is why it is essential to be conscious of people in our environment, show love to them and actually pray for people. And if you’re in any situation, please be encouraged, know that you are not alone and it will help to find someone to speak with.

As I promised, I would be posting excerpts (most of which are paraphrased) from the book I am currently reading throughout the month. This is the second post. You can read the first one here and below are the things I learnt.

Book Title- The power of your mind

Author- Chris Oyakhilome

Chapter Focus: How to use your mind right

  1. Set your mind on him-by setting it on God’s word.
  2. Your mind is under your control and you should accept and acknowledge this truth always!
  3. If you want peace, be spiritually minded towards God
  4. In learning to use your mind right, you have to be conscious of the truth that you have a sound mind as a believer.
  5. You have a sound mind. This means that you should keep declaring to yourself: “My mind is sharp and I am sound, super intelligent and excellent!”
  6. Until you change your thinking, you can’t change your life, you can’t change your state and therefore can’t change your estate.
  7. Different sources of your thoughts- Your reasoning, God, Satan
  8. Though you had a certain way of thinking before, once you’re God’s child, your mind is enabled and empowered to think like Him.
  9. Every thought that makes you resent or despise someone else or makes you work against the purposes of God is from the devil not from you-how to know the source of a thought
  10. When such thoughts come, immediately discern and reject them.

Have you picked up a book to read?  I highly encourage you to pick a book this week to read.




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