Hello Folks,

It’s great to be back with you all. Been a minute right! Yes, I have sure missed you all and I am sure you missed me too! Right? Yea I know you, yes you right there! I am bountifully joyous to have you back here to read my latest post…

Well, it’s almost three weeks since the world food day passed. My blog was under maintenance and I could not post. I am so so sorry. For foodies like me, we certainly will dare to live to have the world food day EVERYDAY. Food acts as the biofuel for the human body and keeps us running. This is certainly important and should be celebrated every day. INFACT, we all celebrate it, just that they have only given one day to be dedicated solely to it!
Well as you know I have to tell you about me. Back then growing up and my mum tells us on Sunday that we ought to fast on Monday, that was HARD! By 9am Monday morning, we be feeling like we haven’t eaten for days. Well, yes I like food like that and certainly I am sure you do too…

The importance of food cannot be overemphasized. A puzzling question I have asked myself several times is “do we live because we eat food or does food live and exist because of us?” Food exists because of us and we live everyday making sure we eat and so I guess I’ll pick we live for each other. Or what do you think? While I agree it is necessary to eat well, I am also opined that consuming good food is super important! Eating balanced diet and eating three square meals a day (I don’t eat three square meals everyday though).

For me, I think consuming a healthy and balanced meal is very important in being fit and healthy. It won’t hurt to eat some more vegetables, fruit and protein. Eating at the right time for breakfast, lunch and dinner is very vital. I know friends who have had stomach ulcers not because they don’t eat but because they refuse to eat early enough. Studies have shown that the best time to eat breakfast is between 7-8am, lunch around 12-1pm and dinner 5-7pm. This seems almost impossible but it can be worked on (Especially if you wake up in the mornings to check your social media page). The quantity of food also being consumed matters. Breakfast should not be a heavy food. It’s amazing how as a people, we wake up some mornings and feel like eating Eba or Akpu or Iyan (Pounded Yam). I have also fallen victim of this severally. The best thing to eat in the mornings is something light like cereal, fruits. I know of some families who have trained their children to eat strictly cereals in the mornings. I think it is a good concept and should be embraced.

Lastly, the theme for WFD2018 is “OUR ACTIONS ARE OUR FUTURE. A ZERO HUNGER WORLD BY 2030 IS POSSIBLE”. Do you really think a zero hunger world is possible and achievable? I think it is such an easy thing to do if everyone in every facet of life spreads the love through our actions. A lot of people go to bed hungry, some are lonely and need someone to show them love. You can do this by giving out. I will outline some suggestions on how to make a positive impact on as many people around you.

1) Cook for friends, family and invite them over for lunch or dinner
2) Organize a food/bake sale for fundraising that the proceeds will be given to a reputable charity organisation
3) Give out fresh food to those who don’t have enough
4) Organize picnics and hangouts with friends and plenty food!
How do you give back to your community, friends and family with food?
I wanna know!

P.S: I would like to say thanks to all our farmers who till the earth amidst all the ups and downs they face as they labour to ensure that you and I have something to eat on our tables at night. Through them, we are able to buy the food that we eat seasonally. These farmers are truly our unsung heroes that need to be prayed for. It is also a good time to reminisce and recognise the families of the bereaved innocent farmers who met their untimely death as they strived hard on their farmlands to ensure that we and our families have food to eat. Thank you!



  1. Thanks Ayobambo…I believe we can have a zero hunger world by 2030. I and my team are taking actionable steps toward this…

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