It’s been a week full of smoothies and fruits. I hope this has sparked some inspiration for healthy things to try out. While thinking about the ones I have posted here, here, here and here, I realized I have not posted any drink/smoothie with oranges knowing oranges are available almost all year round. If you are interested in an orange smoothie or fruit drink, please leave a comment below.

Meanwhile, I decided to try out these two fruits and it came out really nice (especially when it’s cold). I used ripe watermelon and ripe bananas. The banana was the sweeter type (the one they call Igbo banana). If you have a sweet tooth like me but still want something healthy, you should definitely go for this type and make sure your watermelon is also ripe and sweet (If it is not, no worries the sweetness of the banana will make it produce a sweet taste). Without further ado, let’s go!


3 Ripe Bananas

Watermelon (About a quarter of a big one)




Remove the seeds from the watermelon. Pour the watermelon and banana into the blender and blend until smooth.

Leave to refrigerate and serve.



  1. My throat is itching me right now and I am already salivating on sighting the smoothie. I wish I can gulp a full cup of a smoothie right now. The sight of it has set every narve within me a yearning for it.

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