Happy short weekend oh!!

Short as always but at least I have this vegetable soup to be thankful for. I wrote about the first one here. If you have not read it, take a break, read it quickly and come back to this. We will wait for you:)

Cooking this Vegetable soup is quite easy. I am trying my best to make all my recipes very simple and easy for anyone to cook and making sure the ingredients are not difficult to access depending on wherever in the world you are. Some ingredients like Irú could be difficult to find especially when you are in locations outside the south-west, Nigeria. Interestingly, a lady posted on Twitter some weeks back asking about how it can be preserved or how it can be made into powder form (particularly for the flavour it brings into food) so that people can easily access it wherever they are. I also find it weird that a lot of people dislike the smell(Don’t blame me oh). I still find it hard to understand that because I am in so much in love with it that I can eat it RAW!!


Anyways, I am always glad to have you back reading, learning and practising with me the recipes I share. Very soon, you will start seeing more enticing pictures of my cooking and I am hoping it brings more ease to your life in the Kitchen!

Come, let’s learn together…



Green vegetables

7 pieces of Tomatoes

5 pieces of scotch bonnet

1 big sized Onion

Dry fish (As much as you want)

A tablespoon of Irú

2 cubes of Maggi


Palm oil

Meat stock


Step 1: Blend your Tomatoes, Pepper and Onions together

Step 2: Cut the vegetables and wash thoroughly and ensure there is no sand in it. After that, use hot water to parboil until it’s slightly softer.

Parboiled vegetables

Step 3: Put a pot on fire and pour the oil into it

Step 4: When the oil is hot, pour in the Irú and some sliced onions.

Tip: Irú gives a lovely smell when frying for vegetables

Step 5: Once it’s fried, pour the pepper. Allow to fry well. Add Maggi and salt. Also add the fish


Pour the pepper
Pour the fish into the Pepper

Step 7 : Once it’s dry, reduce the heat, add your vegetable and cover the pot to allow steam


Serve with any type of swallow and enjoy!

How else do you cook your vegetables?


Your comments are like water to my thirst. Let me know what you think!