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Well, Well, Valentine’s Day is approaching and there’s a lot of excitement in the air. People will be getting gifts or perhaps going for dates so I thought I should give some hints and tips on basic eating etiquettes. I went to a Catholic secondary school and going there influenced some things in my life. It was at the School Chapel I first heard the story of Valentine by our Priest. We also had to know how to use cutlery and proper table manners while in the Refectory. In fact, there was this book on manners titled ‘’the art of gracious living’’ which we read together with our Reverend Sister on Sunday evenings. So compulsorily, we knew a lot of these things. For those who do not know the exact story of February 14 ,I will graciously give you a brief and simple story of Valentine as understood from what I have heard and read.


Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest in Rome

Claudius, an Emperor in Rome


Soldiers in Rome were reluctant to leave their wives and families because Emperor Claudius was harsh and getting into many wars. (It is normal to have been reluctant, We all love our families.)

Claudius wanted to recruit more soldiers in his army to extend his empire (This is great, only if he wasn’t being greedy and trying to be like Nebuchadnezzar)

As a result of Soldiers’ unwillingness, Claudius was finding it difficult enlisting enough soldiers in his army.

He believed that all his young soldiers should be available to fight.

So, he banned marriages and engagements to preserve their strengths for battle (eh! Who does that? You wan kee people ni? How will we be fruitful and multiply? Hian!)

Valentine, an ordinary man was of a different opinion. (People who do great things are men of like passion as us).

As a Christian, It was important to him that sex/sexuality is within the ‘’sacrament’’ of marriage.

He stood for what he believed and continued to perform marriages (He did that against the order of Claudius. Ah! boda mi you get mind oh!).

He was arrested, beaten and killed on Feb 14 (That Claudius was a wicked somebody).


My Take on the Story: Valentine was bold and stood for the right thing.

Do you stand for what you believe especially when it is the right thing?

People who do extraordinary things are ordinary people who do something different. Will you distinguish yourself by doing something extra today?

He also believed in love- seeing it as a commitment and something sacred. Love is not something to joke with, it is something serious, for committed people who are willing to walk through the fire together and laugh in riches together. Though most valentine days we have enjoyed ourselves, looked beautiful in red and gone for dates without really understanding the purpose of that day, I hope we can be more intentional about choosing Love over hatred, injustice and malignancy.

Basic eating etiquettes

  1. Learn how to use a fork and knife properly before going for a date/dinner. You can check up on the internet. There are loads of websites that teach how to use cutlery. Except you want to be a bush girl/guy.
  2. Have a napkin on your laps while eating or hung carefully at the top edge of your blouse/Shirt/dress
  3. Try not to talk while there’s food in your mouth(Make una no kee yourself)
  4. Try not to order too much and too expensive food. Consider your pocket or that of your host. There are about 300 days left after Val’s day in the year so spend/order wisely.
  5. Order what you can eat. This is important as the economy no dey smile and food wastage is bad.

Which other etiquettes do you think is important? Please leave a comment.

P.S  If you’re single or will be staying at home that day, raise your hands so we can know ourselves;)

Ha! I wish y’all a fun filled and happy Valentine’s Day!










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