Hey everyone,

I am always glad to have you here!

I do hope you have been enjoying the weather; not bad I guess. For me, it has been quite cold of late especially in the mornings. Thanks to the not so favourable morning weather, I came up with an easy but popular meal which can be prepared quickly; and of course, taken in the morning before starting off the day.

Got you thinking about what the meal could be? It is a simple and not – so – new sandwich recipe.
Here you go!

Sliced bread
Sardine or mashed boiled fish(Titus)
Boiled eggs

Machinery: Toaster

1. Make the surface of the toaster oily with some butter.
2.Boil the eggs for 10-15 minutes
3. Mix the Sardine and butter/Mayonnaise together in a plate.
4.Slice the boiled eggs with an egg cutter or knife in a separate bowl
5. Place the bread on the toaster and spread the sardine and butter mixture.
6. Place the boiled eggs on it carefully, then cover with the other slice of bread and toast.

Leave in the toaster till it’s done (usually when it’s golden brown)
Your sandwich is ready!!!!

The best accompaniment to the sandwich is a hot cup of coffee ☕


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