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I tried this recipe for the first time some years back. Most people use Ugu leaf for Egusi soup or mix it with other leaves to make a soup. I thought to try using it alone and it came out well and YOU are the first to benefit by learning how to make this really easy sauce! Since it’s the weekend, this is perfect for a Sunday brunch meal. It doesn’t take much time and Ah! you’ll so love it!


  1. Ugu leaf (1 pack)
  2. Scotch bonnet (Ata Rodo) (about 6 pieces)
  3. Roasted Shrimp
  4. Sliced Ponmo
  5. Meat (boiled and diced)
  6. Onions (1)
  7. Irú (Locust bean)
  8. Palm oil
  9. Two Maggi cubes
  10. Salt



Step 1: Blend your pepper and onion (make sure you use the whole onion as it reduces the hotness of pepper)

Step 2: Cut the vegetable and wash well

Step 3: Put a pot on fire and pour the oil into it

Step 4: When the oil is hot, pour in the Irú and sliced onion.

Tip: Irú gives a lovely smell when frying for vegetables

Step 5: Once it’s fried, pour the pepper. Add Maggi and salt. Allow to fry well. Also add the meat, ponmo and shrimp.

Step 6 : Once it’s dry, reduce the heat, add your vegetable and cover the pot to allow steam

Step 7 : Please note that the vegetable should not have so much blended pepper. The goal is not to look like efo riro.

Best eaten with boiled white rice.

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