Hi folks,

I am so so glad to have you stop by to read again! It means a lot to me….

Though this is a short post, I wrote this piece inspired by the beautiful mountains surrounding where I stay. During the rainy season after it rains, the mountains are covered with clouds and the sight is so beautiful! It made me reflect on the wondrous acts of God which keeps me in constant awe of His greatness.

I hope this blesses you!


How can I describe the mountains?

So high and majestic!

Ravishing splendour and beauty

Glory at its best

Decorated with clouds

So much magnificence!

What a beautiful sight to behold


Your existence has me to embrace beauty

Your sight to see the beauty of God

Show me more of your beauty oh God!

Encapsulate my mind, Rapture my mind with glory

Clothe my life with elegance and splendour

Higher than that of the mountains!



Photo credit:Pixabay

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