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Tips on how to enjoy Peppery Food


Being a Yoruba girl and growing up in the South-Western part of Nigeria exposed me to eating peppery foods. The stews, soups we eat is always quite peppery. The interesting part is, most of the peppery foods are always very nice and delicious but you cannot enjoy it well if you have not mastered the ...

Pepper Soup Yam Porridge


I am always happy to post new recipes and try out new things just for YOU! I have been having some issues with my photographing but I hope to get a new camera soon and expect better pictures ;)  Back in secondary school, yam porridge was our lunch on Saturdays and for me and many other ...

Coconut fried rice


Hi folks, I am glad to be sharing this with you! How have you been? I really want to know! ;) Recently, I realized there’s a lot that can be made with coconut. We can make coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flour, shredded coconut and so much more. I will be sharing my recipes of how to ...