Hey Guys,

Well, this is me celebrating the month of January and though it seems little, we really are supposed to be thankful for the little things!  Right?

Before I ate breakfast some time ago, I took a picture of what I was having- Beloxxi cream cracker biscuit + Tea to share with friends online. After I uploaded it, I got comments and likes (you too should like and comment). Someone reposted the picture and I was surprised when I saw it on her page, it looked differently fine and I was wondering “wow, this picture was reposted” 

 It then gave me the courage to post the picture on twitter and Beloxxi Company liked and commented on the picture!

 Ha! I felt good!

Anyways, this post is to share a dream I have with you. It may seem small but like they say, dreams never die. It is my desire to grow in my blog and be a reviewer of food products I like both locally and internationally. So, help me subscribe to get my posts in your emails and get more followers!

Meanwhile, enjoy this picture and this beautiful evening! (Please, don’t forget to like and comment.) 

What are you thankful for this month?





  1. I know you are destined to go places. Keep at it and in no time you will be on top of the game. I always look forward to reading your post

  2. I know this is April…..I just stumbled on the link to your blog……I must say the picture(tea+beloxxi cream cracker biscuit) is superb, especially the tea its inviting….well done

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