Being a Yoruba girl and growing up in the South-Western part of Nigeria exposed me to eating peppery foods. The stews, soups we eat is always quite peppery. The interesting part is, most of the peppery foods are always very nice and delicious but you cannot enjoy it well if you have not mastered the art of eating pepper. Consequently, I had to learn how to compulsorily eat pepper foods and cope with any situation now. Ha!

Now, I am adult and of course, I eat less pepper now but when I hang out with friends and the food of the day is peppery grilled fish, correct peppered suya, or very awesome pepper soup, I have my weapons of pepper warfare to battle and enjoy the food! Here are tips below:

• Wait for the hot food to be cool
This is very essential before eating any hot/peppery food. Once you taste it and have an idea that it is peppery, relax by chatting with friends or doing something else while you wait for it. Hot and Peppery are two dangerous combinations!!! Therefore, it is better to wait for the food to cool a bit before you start eating.

• Eat little by little
When you start eating the cool food, don’t rush the food. I repeat, don’t rush the food! Pepper if not eaten carefully can lead to choking  and sneezing which is dangerous.

Try your best not to drink water or any drink until you’ve finished eating
I advise this for two reasons. First, the food will become more peppery when you take water and you will be tempted to take more water after each spoon you take. Second, you will get filled on time because of the water you have drunk and will might not be able to finish the sweet pepper soup you craved for.

Do your best not to talk while eating. This is also to avoid choking while eating. Try not to laugh or cry too. Better still, see a movie during the food 

• After taking a good wait, you can finally have some water. Lastly, drink water, and take a drink when you’re done!

With these tips, I can assure you that you can take peppered food without choking yourself!

How best do you deal with peppery foods? If you have any tips, I would love to know.





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